Oika Programs

Oika refers to the inherent intelligence of natural systems. While human intelligence has always been an integral part of nature, many of us have become separated from nature as the source of our ecological intelligence. The disconnect from nature has rendered humanity harmful to the biosphere and is now reflected back to us as environmental, social and political disease.

The Oika programs described below attempt to realign humans with the intelligence of the Earth’s planetary systems. Oika teaches people how to cultivate new, mutually beneficial relationships with nature and create responses across a spectrum of human domains.

Oika Adult Courses:
  • Oika Practice is our entry-level online/offline course for adults. This 1-3 month introductory course runs continuously through an open enrollment system using Trello.  You can view a sample online course portal here
  • Oika Pathfinder is a self-designed college-level course for young-adults to design and implement a long-term career plan aligning personal and planetary prosperity. These courses are delivered using Trello on the periphery of formal educational institutions (enrollment in a college or university is not required).
  • Oika Pro is our advanced, field-based, professional development course for graduates of Oika Practice and Pathfinder courses.  Oika Pro is primarily a teaching, cultural communication and ecological restoration career based on the principles and practices of Oika.
Note: We are currently seeking motivated individuals to serve as Oika facilitators for upcoming Practice and Pathfinder courses. Facilitators take the course for free in exchange for helping to organize and deliver the program. Contact Rich using the Gmail address  oikarich66 for more information.

Oika Kid Programs: 
  • Oika Kids: middle school-level program designed to validate a child’s wondrous experience of the world. By cultivating a sense of PERSON in PLACE, Oika Kids fortifies positive experiences in order to build the foundations for a lifelong love of nature.
  • Oika Quest: A high school-level program designed to foster confidence, foundational literacies and ecological leadership through place-based nature practice with peers.
Note: We are currently working to bring the kid programs to USA. You can learn more about them through our collaborators, OikaSpain, who are now running them in Europe at http://oikaspain.gpsmuseum.eu

Oika Media and Traveling Programs:

    Episode 1: The Living Cosmos reveals how the epic story of the universe is also an intimate story of the self.

    Episode 3: In the Light of the Forest tells the story of how the natural cosmos has come to see itself through your own eyes.
  • Oika First Encounter touring lecture series
  • On The Natch festival experiences
Memories from our first two years

All students of Oika take the same core curriculum regardless of whether they seek professional certification. Those who do seek to teach Oika professionally may obtain certification on either a Culture or Science path as follows:

Culture Path: The Culture Path is for those who seek to teach Oika by engaging directly with the public. This includes fields such as Yoga instructors, meditation and mindfulness practitioners, psychotherapists and healers, educators, musicians and artists. Culture Path Oika students complete their Module 4 immersion experience with specifically designed course content in a venue and setting appropriate to their profession (i.e. ecotourism, retreat spiritual centers, etc.).

Science Path: The Science Path is for those who seek apply the principles and practices of systems intelligence within professional science careers such as practicing scientists, science teachers and nature-interpretive fields. Science Path Oika students complete their Module 4 immersion experience with specifically designed course content in a venue and setting appropriate to their profession (i.e. fieldstations, science centers, natural history museums, etc.).