Oika's "tools-for-tuning-in" is a curated ecosystem of digital media, apps, and virtual reality experiences that cultivate a new relationship with the cosmos.  These materials are integrated into the Oika lifestyle and are made available as teaching resources within the Oika professional certification course.

Earth Stories; Short, selfie-style clips that capture and communicate personal interactions with nature.

Earth Blogging: A smartphone app that delivers guidance and encourages the formation of a new relationship with nature.

DeepTime Walk: Experience Earth history like never before with the award-winning Deep Time Walk. This mobile app calculates your speed and distance as you walk, enabling you to learn about key evolutionary events as they occur across Earth’s 4.6 billion-year history.

Virtual Reality: A growing ecosystem of VR experiences that cultivate Oika.

As the overview experience of CosmosisVR, The Living Cosmos provides a 12-minute journey through the personal stories of the universe. After your red-pill, blue-pill moment you will navigate through "story portals" to find yourself anew.

In the Light of the Forest tells the story of how the natural cosmos has come to see itself through your own eyes. Join Dr. Rich Blundell in his hammock of contemplative thought experiments for a fun, deep-dive into the light of a setting sun. By the end of your trip you’ll experience the world with a new appreciation of light, sight and self.

Other titles we are currently developing with outside teams:

The Blue, In the Eyes of the Animal, Treehugger, Away, Flight of the Eagle, etc.

Oika Kids Titles in development: