Oika refers to the essential, underlying intelligence of natural systems. This intelligence is distributed, ecological and in critical need. Virtually all of the major problems facing humanity today arise from a lack of ecological intelligence. Oika represents a new (and ancient) way of adapting with systems intelligence and provides a new career opportunity for those inclined to understand and teach this reality.

The mission of Oika Academy is to empower forward-thinking, motivated people to design innovative new career paths that integrate individual and planetary prosperity.

Oika can also be thought of as a kind of language that we can learn to hear and speak. The humble hammock is our primary vehicle for tuning in to the conversations of nature so the practice of "Hammoiking" plays a key role in learning the language of Oika. 

It feels good to cultivate new relationships with nature and when we do the world opens up in unexpected new ways.


Oika is a systems-level response to the core patterns of human thought and action that have collectively led us to our linked environmental, social, economic and political circumstances. Through Oika we seek to cultivate and support a distributed network of systems-savvy leaders who can creatively communicate the principles of ecological intelligence through a new cultural-level career category.

We set sail in 2019


The word Oika is an adaptation of the ancient Greek work Oikos (the root of the modern word "eco" as in, eco-logy and eco-nomy). Oiko referred to a unification of "person, place and property." But because Ancient Greece was a deeply patriarchal society, the "person" meant the man of the house; the "place" meant the physical house; and the "property" was all the man owned within his house (including his wife, children, slaves and animals).

Thus, the new word Oika aims to bring a more balance and feminine aspect to the concept. Replacing the "o" with an "a" results is a founding principle that is more inclusive, expansive, and relational as follows:
  • Person - The identity that resides behind the eyes. The intimate, personal, narrative self.
  • Place - The natural, local setting (valley, island, watershed, town, forest, bay etc.) that shapes and guides the "person" above. 
  • Practice - The daily activities and practices through which person becomes integral to place.
  • Prosper - An acknowledgement that even an ecological self needs to make a living.
All of Oika's evolving programs integrate these four principles (plus a potential fifth, for some, based on Purpose).


Our pilot programs include:
  • CosmosisVR, An ecosystem of guided journeys revealing the intimate in the epic story of the universe. Our first two experience are: 

    Episode 1: The Living Cosmos reveals how the epic story of the universe is also an intimate story of the self.

    Episode 3: In the Light of the Forest tells the story of how the natural cosmos has come to see itself through your own eyes.

  • The First Encounter touring lecture series
  • On The Natch festival experiences
  • Oika Kids (Spain only, US soon)
  • The Oika Academy (coming soon)
Memories from our first two years